Garden Slideshow

Just a gal with a point-and-shoot camera, in her garden…


  1. Karen McFarland

    I love your widget Kathy. I want one. Where did you find it? Do tell. And I find you a very clever woman/blogger since I know you are very busy getting ready to release your new novel. Love the pics! 🙂

    • K.B. Owen

      It’s funny, Karen, but I’ve been putting so much time and info into my new pages (three new ones have gone up in the past few days), that it feels like blog-writing is all I’ve been doing lately! It was last summer when I went looking for that widget, so I’ll have to do some backtracking to find it for you. But if someone like me can install it, anyone can!

      The funny thing is, I didn’t post the link on Facebook to drive traffic. I was checking tabs in my website menu and stumbled on it. It made me happy, so I decided to pass it along. Thanks for checking it out! 😀