Chasing the cozy thrill

"The Adventure of the Missing Three-Quarter"

illustrated by Sidney Paget

In mystery parlance, “the chase” is the detective’s hunt for the the culprit, be he (or she) a kidnapper, jewel-thief, murderer, etc.  That process provides the thrill.

Here, we’re all about cozy thrills.  For the readers who prefer a little poisoning, or a clean bosh over the head (in our characters, of course), this is just the place.

And there are more chases out there:

I post about other cozy thrills, too: historical pop culture (e.g., fashions, manners,  and social practices of the past), gardening, recipes, humor and more.  If it’s cozy, it’s fair game, and we’ll chase it here.  If you have a specific interest, check out the categories along the right-hand column.  Feel free to browse around: check out the garden slideshow tab for some pics that are easy on the eyes, or the tea and cookies tab for yummy recipes.

As you’ve seen from my About K.B. Owen page (what, you haven’t read it yet?!), I’m chasing something myself:  sharing my Concordia Wells Mysteries with you, the reader. I’m currently at work on book #4 in the series, Unseemly Haste. Stay tuned for more details!

Thanks for visiting, and best of luck in whatever you are chasing.


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