For those of you already looking at snow on the ground, or envious of those who have the white stuff, this one’s for you.

Folks in the 19th century had a lot of fun sledding, and doing other winter sports, too.  (Click here for last year’s post on 19thc Ice-Skating in Central Park).

Winter Sports – Coasting in the Country by Granville Perkins, from Harper’s Weekly. February 17,1877

Here’s an excerpt from a January 12, 1896 article in The New York Times that expounds upon the delights of “coasting”:

Love that “manly joy.”  But just in case “blood and vital spirits” aren’t enough to sustain you after a prolonged day of sledding, here’s a remedy:

Advertisement, Dr. Kilmer’s Indian Cough Cure Consumption Oil. Image via NIH, U.S. National Library of Medicine.

Considering it contained “10 percent pure grain alcohol,” you wouldn’t care if you had a cough anymore.

But maybe you’d prefer an indoor activity?  If so, I have the perfect one for you!  Today, in a continuation of our Holiday Yum recipe series, writer Jenny Hansen is posting about her legendary Almond Roca recipe.  She has a fun story to go along with it, too, so check it out!

art by Ellen M. Gregg

Do you have a favorite winter activity?  I’d love to hear from you!

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