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Thompson’s switchback railway, Coney Island, 1884 (via wikimedia.org)

A writer friend of mine, Anne Paris, sent me a rare, silent film clip of a school outing to Coney Island.  It is a group of girls from Miss Knapp’s Select School (a boarding school).  The super-cool thing, for me, is that this was filmed in 1905 – only 9 years after the setting of my historical mystery, Dangerous and Unseemly.  How wonderful to be able to see their outfits, how they moved in them, what mannerisms were in place, and the coexistence of the horseless carriage and the horse-drawn vehicles on the street.  Thanks, Anne!

One of the things that cracked me up was when the girls all opened their parasols in the open-top car; looks like an enormous bouquet, driving down the street, LOL.

You can tell they were having a marvelous time, and vamped a bit for the camera!



For those who are interested in the history of Coney Island, click here.

Have you been to Coney Island?  Do you wish your school had taken you to the beach/amusement park for a field trip when you were a kid?  I’d love to hear from you!

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