With Thanksgiving behind us (although the expanded waistlines and fridge leftovers linger), we find ourselves immersed in the gift-giving Christmas season.  Yes, we want to ignore the drumbeat of crass commercialism and avoid getting sucked into the spending frenzy.  But most of us want to get at least a little something for those closest to us, right?

by K.B. Owen

by K.B. Owen

Finding just the right thing can be tricky, especially for the mystery lovers in our lives.  She’s read all of the Poirot novels; he’s watched all of the CSI episodes.  No one needs yet another Sherlock Holmes mug cluttering up an already-full cabinet.

What to do?

As a long-time mystery lover, I have a few suggestions to help you out.  Today and next week, I’ll be sharing gift ideas for that peculiar special detective fan in your life.

Let’s get the shameless promotion out of the way first:

Idea #1:  Women of Mystery, volume 1


image courtesy of Misterio Press



Special price for Cyber Monday: 99 cents!  Misterio Press authors K.B. Owen (me), Kassandra Lamb, and Kirsten Weiss  want to entertain you with murder and mayhem this holiday season.  Give your wallet a break and enjoy three mysteries in a range of mystery subgenres: cozy historical, psychological thriller, and paranormal.

Idea #2:  Why not make crime a social activity with this CSI Miami Board Game?  Figuring out “whodunnit” can be a fun family-bonding activity.

image via Amazon.com


Idea #3:  For lighting the Christmas Yule Log, your crime fan will love this Machine Gun Bullet/Butane Lighter, sure to be a conversation-starter as well as a fire-starter.

image via Amazon.com



Will your mystery fan be attending a fancy holiday party?  Let him or her stand out with these fashion accessories:

Idea #4:  Your fella will love these silver Fingerprint Cufflinks.  Nothing says both “mystery lover” and “classy” quite like them.

image via Amazon.com

image via Amazon.com

Idea #5: For the ladies, you can never go wrong with a classic, such as these Nancy Drew Earrings.  Red roadster not included.

image via Amazon.com


Idea #6:  For those more casual occasions, nothing beats this Columbo T-Shirt.  With its signature line: “Just one more thing,” it’s sure to be an ice-breaker at any sort of gathering.

image via Amazon.com

image via Amazon.com

For more mystery lover gift ideas (including the Sherlock Holmes quotable thong – always a winner), check out last year’s post.

So there you have it: gift possibilities for that hard-to-shop-for murder mystery fan.

Do you have any mystery-lover gift ideas you’d like to share?  I’d love to hear from you!

Happy shopping,


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