Welcome to flashback Friday.  Today is a quick snippet of three articles from The New York Times, recounting burglaries gone wrong, often to comedic effect.  The entries span the years 1886-1899, and in two of the accounts, a plucky woman comes to the rescue.  Enjoy!

Article #1:  A Burglar Caught Napping


“Modesty,” huh?

The next two articles have heroines to save the day:

Can you imagine just going to bed for the night after something like that?  All so her sick friend won’t get a shock.  That’s devotion.

This last account is a bit long, but really funny:


Go, Mrs. White!  Aren’t these fun?  Do you have any favorite “stupid criminals” stories, past or present?  I’d love to hear from you!

Until the next caper,


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