Hi, everyone!  Hope you’re having a great weekend.  Time for my Sunday ROW80 check-in!  So how did I do this first week?  As the above title suggests, I got “knocked around” a little…


Bennett sisters boxing, 1910 (approx). Wikimedia commons.

Bennett sisters boxing, 1910 (approx). Wikimedia commons.

My goals:

1. Post twice per week on my blog: a ROW80 check-in on Sundays, and an original post mid-week.  During my blog tour, my total weekly count will actually be three times per week, as I’m scheduled to guest post twice a week through the beginning of March.

Well, I got the Sunday check-in done, and while I didn’t post during the week (except for my Wednesday ROW80 post), I have been writing the posts for my upcoming blog tour.

2. Send out five new email requests per week to book reviewers who have indicated they are available and interested in reviewing books in my genre (mystery).  I don’t want to spam anybody!  And if you all have suggestions about reviewers to contact, I’d sure appreciate it!

Lots of time spent on Amazon’s top reviewers list, writing emails, and corresponding on Facebook with other writers to get advice.  After going through 10 screen pages of Amazon reviewers, I found three who looked promising (cozy mystery interests). Two of them have already shot me down and haven’t heard back from the last one. I joined a GoodReads group (thanks Sheila Seabrook for the suggestion!) that reviews author-donated ebooks, so we’ll see about that.  There were also two nice peeps on the “Murder and Mayhem Cozy Mysteries” Facebook group who have offered to read and review the book.  Thanks to those gals!  

I can see this is going to be a slow, time-consuming endeavor, though.

3. Visit, comment on, and tweet posts from ten bloggers each week.

I got a late start on this, but I hit 12 different bloggers and 14 posts!

4. Write and publish three SocialIn posts during this 80-day period.

Not yet, but I’ve narrowed down the possibilities of what topics to write.

5.  Exclusively dedicate four hours each weekday (probably in 2-hour increments) to writing the second draft of Unseemly Secrets.

I got “knocked down” a lot on this one.  With that lovely polar vortex we got last week, the kids’ school schedules were all messed up: late starts two of the days, and completely off from school another day.  It was the right call for the school to make, but it wreaked havoc with my writing time.  The good news is that I did get one day with a big chunk of uninterrupted time, and bearded the lion in his den…aka, opened the file I haven’t seen since early November.  More good news: the first draft doesn’t stink as badly as I feared! 😉


Okay, there you have it: my progress this week.  I hope you other writers out there have had a better week, and the non-writers who may be reading this have had a fab start to 2014!

I leave you with this wonderful slap-stick Carol Burnett compilation, set to Pat Benatar’s “Hit Me With Your Best Shot.”  Enjoy!

Until next time,




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