Well, check-ins are probably healthier than chocolate this Valentine’s week, right?  Not that I’m swearing off chocolate!

So, how did I do?

My goals:

1. Check-ins on Sundays.

Yep, I’m getting the hang of this one!

2. Blog posts on Tues/Fri schedule.

I really reveled in the chocolate “experience” this week, between my Tuesday post (When Chocolate Talks Back) and my Flashback Friday post (Chocolate through Time) about the history of chocolate.  I included a couple of recipes, too.  Y’all let me know how they turn out, okay?

3. Research/write new historical mystery for WWBC group; work on sequel to first book.

Piper and I got our wires crossed; I was waiting for her, and she was waiting for me, expecting something a bit more complete before she sends her comments.  Well, I know what I’m doing with my writing session tomorrow!

This past week I got cranking on the sequel to Dangerous and Unseemly, revising the plot outline, condensing threads and adding others, collecting certain key events into scenes and ordering them.  It was akin to herding cats, but I think all the kitties are now under control.  Haven’t heard from my agent yet about the fate of the first one, so I assume it’s still being reviewed by the publisher.  Fingers crossed!

Speaking of herding cats…


4. Support fellow writers/bloggers.

Can I just say how much I love Triberr?  That helps a lot.  Even though I’ve confined my twitter/blog forays to non-writing times, I’m still getting to check out, tweet, and comment on a lot of great peeps.

5. Exercise.

Well, it’s better than last week, although I haven’t been able to get a Burke Lake walk in because the weather has been bad on Sundays.  I got one dedicated walk, and on other days – this may sound crazy – I got up at various intervals and ran up and down the stairs until I was puffing and my legs felt like lead.  Adds a little zing to one’s mental acuity.  But the goal is to do better this week, and get more walks in!

So how are my fellow ROWers doing!  Hope all of you have had a great week!

Until next time,


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