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Today’s post celebrates actor Peter Falk, who passed away last Friday, and his long-running portrayal of the popular television detective:


Publicity photo 1973, Margie Korshak Associates. Wikimedia Commons.

Publicity photo 1973, Margie Korshak Associates. Wikimedia Commons.

Some interesting facts about Peter Falk and the Columbo series:

1.  Bing Crosby was first offered the role of Columbo, but he didn’t want to commit to a series.  He joked that it would interfere with his golfing.

2.  The series was first aired on NBC on March 1, 1971, and ran continuously until May of 1978.  It was brought back in 1989 (on ABC) for 5 more continuous seasons.  The final season (#13) aired 5 episodes, between 1998 and 2003.  It has won multiple Edgars, Emmys, and Golden Globes.

3.  William Link and Richard Levinson, the show’s creators, did something that was unusual for the time in a mystery series:  instead of a “whodunnit” format, where the progress of the episode moves towards the revelation of the murderer, it was a “how’s-he-gonna-catch-em,” where we see right away, in the opening scene, who did it, why he did it, and how, and then the rest of the episode is the detective hounding, questioning, and drawing the net tighter and tighter around the murderer, until he cannot escape.

4.  One of the cool things about the series is the star-studded guest-murderer cast.  Here are a few of the well-known names:  William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy (separate episodes), Robert Conrad, Johnny Cash, Eddie Albert, Anne Baxter, Dick Van Dyke, Dabney Coleman, Faye Dunaway, Janet Leigh, Ricardo Montalban, Roddy MacDowall.


Columbo’s appeal:

photo from Wikimedia.org, according to Creative Commons licensing

1.  The suit, which looks like it was purchased from a thrift shop, and was then perpetually slept in.

2.  The car, always breaking down, making a clatter when it did run, and having various parts break off.  It took me a while to figure out what kind it was (see quiz, below).

3.  The “Dog” – of course Columbo had to have a bassett hound, one of the best sniffer dogs out there.  But what’s also a given is that it wouldn’t be your typical bassett hound, and is instead a collection of neuroses and odd behaviors.

4.  The cigar, which doesn’t seem lit most of the time, but is chewed on and spoken around a good bit.

5.  The game.  Ah, the wonderful cat-and-mouse interaction that goes on between Columbo and the murder suspect, the persistence, the squirming, the murderer’s initial coolness and control inevitably giving way to exasperation, rage, and the mistake(s) that will prove his undoing.  Masterful!

6.  The show’s humor:  remember the odd little personal side-tracks that Columbo experiences while working a case?  His depressed “Dog” (yep, that’s his name, “Dog”) who Columbo has to take along on cases from time to time, and even to the vet in one episode, because the dog doesn’t “do” anything; the expired driver’s license, which requires Columbo to take another road test with a DMV instructor (hilarious!); the police gun certification that requires him to go back to the shooting range (even though he never carries his gun); various snippets about his wife’s personal habits; his car always breaking down…the list goes on and on.

Oh, there’s just one more thing….

Columbo’s demeanor:  fumbling (does the man ever have a writing implement on his person?), self-effacing, overly-polite, rambling off-topic.  These characteristics make an effective smoke screen (to the murderer, not us, of course) for his sharp mind and keen attention to detail.  The following clip gives you a good idea of how this works:

Great sites for more info:

Ken Tucker’s TV

Wikipedia’s Columbo entry


Want the answers to the last quiz?

Match the detective with the actor who portrayed him in television/film:

1.  Sherlock Holmes – Basil Rathbone

2.  Father Dowling – Tom Bosley

3.  Nero Wolfe – William Conrad

4.  Perry Mason – Raymond Burr

5.  Charlie Chan – Warner Oland


a.  Warner Oland

b.  Raymond Burr

c.  Basil Rathbone

d.  Tom Bosley

e.  William Conrad


Be your own “Master of Mystery”: take this week’s quiz!

In honor of Peter Falk/Columbo, let’s make this an all-Columbo quiz:

*1.  What is the murder method of choice in the Columbo series?

  • stabbed
  • bludgeoned
  • shot
  • poisoned

*2.  There are two actors who each played the murder in the series three times.  They were:

  • Robert Culp and Jack Cassidy
  • William Shatner and Dick Van Dyke
  • Ricardo Montalban and Leonard Nimoy

3.  What kind of car did Columbo drive?

  • Chevy
  • Volvo
  • Ford
  • Peugeot

4.  What trademark tune does Columbo whistle (beginning with the episode “Any Old Port in the Storm”) which the producers worked into the musical theme?

5.  Which eye was Peter Falk’s glass eye?

*These trivia questions are courtesy of the site My Wee Columbo Page


Do you remember watching the Columbo series?  What did you like most about the character?  I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for joining me today.  See you soon!



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