It’s ROW80 time!

Most of you know about my crawling start last week, because of my cold.  So how did this week go?


Here we go…my goals (they’ve been simplified since I started):

1. ROW80 check ins on Sundays

Yep.  (Notice how I always start with the easy one?)  NEXT…

2. Continue blog posting on a M/W/F schedule.

I barely made this one again.  Part of the problem could be that the youngest was home sick all week, and I was still  feeling crummy, sleeping badly, and then napping (I’d be golden if I could have a “napping” blog, LOL).  Still, I’m wondering if the real issue is the schedule I’ve come up with.  But I won’t know until I get a week where I can actually adhere to it.

3. Research and develop a new historical mystery from scratch in my WWBC group; also, provide feedback on fellow WWBCers projects.

I’m reading a cool book on the Robber Barons, which is giving me lots of ideas for my characters and plot.  So I’m making headway.  I still have to read Ellie’s latest character and comment, but I should be done with that by tomorrow.  My weekend of productivity was gone when we drove 360 miles in last two days to visit the in-laws and drop the oldest back to college for the spring semester.  (I know I’m going to miss the grinning smart-@$$).

4. Revise the plot of my original sequel and continue writing it, in light of what I’ve already learned in WWBC.

No, but there was an interesting development in the fate of the first novel that I’m writing the sequel for.   My agent emailed me (4 months after the novel had been “passed” on by the last publisher we tried) and proposed  sending it to a new Amazon imprint that’s looking for mysteries, with which my agent has a working relationship.  I’ve sent her the recent revisions I’d made for an unpubbed writers’ contest, so we will see what she thinks!  Kind of exciting, but trying not to jump up and down too much. 🙂

5. Support fellow bloggers and writers.

Yep, I’m still doing a lot of that, but I’m wondering if I need to schedule this better.  It’s bleeding into my writing time, and I need more self-discipline.

6. Manage my time better, so blogging/housework/errands don’t spill over into my writing/research time.

Still a big challenge; I have to make writing FIRST.

7. Exercise.

That’s still a “no” with me and youngest sick this week, but I’m hopeful that this week will be better.  In the meantime, I’ve gotta stop watching Dr. Oz – the man makes me feel SO guilty, LOL.  But he’s really cute. 🙂


How are my fellow ROW-ers doing – making all your goals?  Good luck!



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