California Street, San Francisco, 1900.  Wikimedia Commons.

California Street, San Francisco, 1900. Wikimedia Commons.

Ever wonder what it was like to navigate a city street back in 1900? In researching my fourth book (tentatively titled Unseemly Haste, due out in the fall), I ran across this little gem: a video of San Francisco in 1900.

There’s very little information on the video itself, but it looks like it was filmed while aboard a cable car. The street is a chaotic mix of pedestrians, bicyclists, horse-drawn vehicles, motorized cars, and cable cars, dodging each other, weaving around obstacles…and there some near misses. It reminds me a bit of the M Street corridor in Georgetown, LOL. Definitely not for the faint of heart.

What’s the worst traffic you’ve ever dealt with, whatever your mode of travel? I’d love to hear from you.

If you enjoy vintage video, you may want to check out another post of mine from a few years ago: Coney Island, 1905, which features a group of boarding-school girls from Miss Knapp’s Select School. Looks like the girls had a fun outing!

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