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Taxes, Allergies, & Fri the 13th: a typical ROW80 week

It’s ROW80 check-in time!  In the Owen household this week, we’re celebrating not only goals semi-fulfilled, but the successful navigation of  killer allergies, Friday the 13th, and tax preparation. I can’t say I suffered through the tax preparation end of things; I was spectator/sympathetic ear/sandwich preparer for He-Who-Braves-the-1040.  In other words, my spectacular hubby, Paul. So,(…)

Losing an hour – whose idea was that? ROW80 check-in

Hi, all, it’s time for the ROW80 check-in! I suspect I’m not the only one putting out a post a bit later today, given that we’re all pretending it’s an hour later than it actually is (except for the sane folks in Arizona and Hawaii, who aren’t daylight-starved the way the rest of us are).(…)