It’s ROW80 check-in time!  In the Owen household this week, we’re celebrating not only goals semi-fulfilled, but the successful navigation of  killer allergies, Friday the 13th, and tax preparation.

I can’t say I suffered through the tax preparation end of things; I was spectator/sympathetic ear/sandwich preparer for He-Who-Braves-the-1040.  In other words, my spectacular hubby, Paul.

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So, how did I do this week?

My goals:


1. post ROW80 updates on Sundays


2. blog on Tuesdays and Fridays

This past week, I posted about The Chocolate Diet on Tuesday, and about a classic Master of Mystery, Ellery Queen, on Friday.

I’m really excited about the upcoming week: this Tuesday, the ever-fabulous Jenny Hansen and I are going to swap guest posts.  Squee!  (I promise not to break anything while I’m over there, Jenny).  She and I have wanted to swap posts for a long time, but now that she is celebrating her one-year blog-a-versary, it seemed the perfect opportunity.  I will be posting on her site about the History of the Cowbell (and Jenny’s role in it), while she will be posting here about the cool features (with how-to instructions for the tech-challenged) of OneNote, a Microsoft program that I am stumbling through using to organize my novel.  Be sure to check it out this Tuesday!

3. Write one chapter per week on my work-in-progress (WIP).  I am well into Chapter 8, but not finished with it yet, unfortunately.   unexpected characters entered the scene, including one cantankerous old lady with whom I’ve dealt before.  Dialogue scenes usually take a bit longer with her in them.  That’s my excuse, at least.

Personal and Social Goals:

1. support fellow bloggers and writers through Facebook and Twitter.  I hit all the bloggers I usually read, plus I spent a few late-night and early-morning sessions this week just browsing the twitter stream for things to read and RT.  The WANA1011 Facebook group has also been a great source for posts I don’t check out regularly.  Stop by sometime; it’s a great group!

2. re-vamp my blog.  I’m nearly finished with this; there are just a couple of pages on my site where I haven’t figured out how to load posts relevant to the category right on to the page.  I’ll still be tweaking things over the next couple of weeks.  Nothing dramatic, though – the overall look will be the way it is now.

3. exercise 3x per week.  With allergies were kicking my keester, I only got two walks done (near the end of the week, when I was prescribed additional allergy meds).  But today’s walk was the Burke Lake loop – 4.6 miles.  Woot!

How has your week been?  I’d love to hear from you!

Have a great week,



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