Happy Monday!  With the new theme up, and things running sort-of-smoothly (after a lot of trial and error), this post from last year caught my eye.  Hope it gives you a good laugh.  I’m keeping all of the original marvy comments, too.  Take heart, O Tech-Challenged Ones!



My blog has been requiring me to stumble around in a lot of tech-y stuff lately.  Not that stumbling around is anything new, unfortunately.  Permalinks, Widgets, RSS, POP3 Access…wow, are you kidding me?  Every time I learn something new, ten more new things pop up.  It’s like trying to cut the head off the Hydra.

Hercules killing the Lernean Hydra. An easier task. Image via perseus.tufts.edu

Here’s an idea of the depths of my ignorance.  Laird Sapir, web designer, writer, and helpful web friend extraordinaire, was helping me customize a couple of pages on this blog.  (Check the Gardening page to see the end result. Yay, I didn’t blow up anything!)  After a couple of back-and-forth emails to clarify whether I had an FTP (the meaning of which was only recently made known to me), my theme, and so on, she wrote a template for me and sent it with specific instructions.  Good so far.  I love this gal; she’s keeping it nice and basic.

So I sit down to try it.  Hubby, my usual “help desk” computer oracle, is working late.  But, hey, I can handle transferring a little code, right?  That’s what FileZilla is for.  I opened the zip file Laird sent me, located the php file (another thing I don’t know the meaning of), and opened FileZilla.  I was so proud of myself: I found “wp-content” and “theme” all by myself.

Pause.  Now what? I tried to “drag and drop” the file I was seeing, and get it over to the right place.  Nothing.  I checked the drop-down menus, and saw “Import,” “Export,” and a lot of other perplexing things – mostly dealing with wizards and trees.  Where am I, Middle Earth?

Prithee, good sir, where is the path out of this shire?

Instead of the “One Ring,” I wanted the “one file.”  LOL.

One File to Rule Them All (image via middleearthcenter.com)

After an hour of head-desk, keyboard-pounding angst, my knight-in-shining-tech-splendor hubby arrived home.  I had the good grace to let him eat a late dinner first before pouncing on him.

ME:  I don’t get this.  Why can’t I drag this over?

HUBS (inching closer with the caution born of experience):  What’s the problem?

ME:  I can’t get this file that Laird sent me over into this folder.

HUBS:  Show me.

ME:  I want to move THIS over to THERE.

HUBS:  Ooh-kayy, did you extract the file?

ME (imagining my worst tooth extraction):  Huh?  Sounds painful.  She sent it by email and I opened it.  There it is.

HUBS:  Well, it’s not really there.  You have to extract it first.

ME:  But I’m looking right at it!

HUBS (sighing): Just right-click on it.

ME (right-clicking):  Oh!  Extract is one of the choices! Now I remember: I had to do this when Jenny Hansen sent me stuff for the cowbell timeline guest post I was writing!

HUBS (trying not to roll eyes, wondering when I’ll ever retain this stuff): Uh-huh.

…after that, it was smooth-sailing.

For those of you who are like me, or typically help someone like me, this “Medieval Help Desk” video is for you!  (Especially for Laird and Paul – thanks for your coaching this week!).  Enjoy!

What do you find challenging about the “modern” world?  I’d love to hear from you!

Have a great weekend,


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