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We’re all shiny-new in the first flush of our 2012 goals, optimistic about the new year.  In the writing community, I’ve read about goals that reflect my own: taking command of one’s schedule; finishing that work-in-progress; blogging more often; learning more about our craft; connecting with others on social media.  Then there are the eat-better/exercise-more/quit-smoking kind of goals.  All worthy pursuits, and many of them not easy.

But what about the unspoken goals?  You know, the ones that seem to be no-brainers, because they are so important that we don’t need to state them in order to make sure we stick to them this year.

Or do we?

Here are a few unspoken goals for your consideration:


1.  I will laugh more.


2.  I will take time to appreciate nature.

3.  I will count my blessings.

4.  I will hug more.

image via fotowho.net


5.  I will look up at the stars from time to time.

image via scienceblogs.com


And, finally, what about this unspoken goal?

I will save a life.

Not a realistic goal, you say?  Perhaps you make more of an impact in the world than you think.  What despondent stranger will you inspire today, with a kind word or act?  What black sheep relative who’s difficult to get along with will you reach out to?   What student ready to drop out of class will you work with?  What frightened child’s hand will you hold?

Here’s something most of us will likely never do, but is inspiring, nevertheless:

Humpback Whale rescue


What are your unspoken goals?  I’d love to hear from you.

Here’s to a successful year of goals – spoken and unspoken – attained!

Until next time,




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