Welcome to Watercooler Wednesday

…where the posts are loosely based around a theme, something to spark the imagination and get that community “water-cooler” feeling going.  We all need help getting over hump-day, after all.

Today’s theme:


I Want It!

Ever wonder, when you see something on tv, the internet, or in the store, and think “Oh, cool!  I want one of those!” – WHY in the world that particular thing caught your interest?  Me too!  It’s not something I even remotely need, or ever thought I’d need.  I may not even have room for it in my house.  But I want it.  I REALLY want it.  I fight it, but there it is, over there, with that “Buy me now, take me home” look.  Ooh, help me stay strong.

Here’s a mash-up of my own “why-the-heck-do-I-want-this-but-it’s-sooo-cool” items.  What can you add to the list?  And can someone please explain why the heck I want this stuff?

Item #1:  the “Quirky” Pivot Power Surge Protector

So we have a pile of surge protectors already: strips, direct wall plug-ins, some with ethernet lines, etc.  But look how cool it is – it twists like a snake, or forms a circle like in the picture here.  Big chunky cell phone chargers wouldn’t block the adjacent plug.  Wouldn’t that be versatile?  Maybe for our college-bound son?  He probably wouldn’t be caught dead using this, or would get laughed out of the dorm.  Sigh.



Item #2:  Gun-shaped makeup kit

If this looks familiar, it’s because I featured it in an earlier post.  I don’t feel as badly about wanting this one, because lots of you ladies wanted it, too.  The only thing holding me back is that I have an aversion to being strip-searched at traffic stops.



Item #3:  the Ex Pen Holder Set

Ex-boyfriend making you crazy?



Sort of looks like a voodoo doll, but as a pen holder it’s much more practical, don’t you think?  I don’t have anyone in mind when I picture owning this item, though I’m sure I could come up with a couple of candidates.





But in our house, the pens rarely make it back to the drawers, much less a special stand.  And I think the boys would have more fun with it than I would.  OK, that one’s out.



Item #4:  iHome® Dual Alarm Clock Radio for iPhone/iPod with Pillow Shaker

Wake up! Time for college!


You know why I want this one: #1 son leaving for college.  The one who’ll stay up until 4am and wake up at 2pm.  That pillow-shaking feature?  Priceless.  I think this one’s still a contender.

On to a few that I’ve purchased that didn’t work out:




Item #5:  yogurt maker

Really not sure what went wrong here.  Yogurt=yummy!  Wouldn’t it be cool to customize our flavors, eat yogurt more often?  Such a healthy food.  But it didn’t work out that way.  It took forever; I could have crawled to the store and back with a sack of Yoplait.  Custard-style?  Whips?  Forget it.  Sigh.  I’m not destined to be a nature girl, I guess.




Item #6:  utensil pot clips

I saw these in a catalog, and mentioned how handy they would be.  Perfect stocking stuffers!  My darling hubby got them for me last Christmas.  I felt sophisticated already: no more dried, crusted spoon-rings on the edge of the stove and countertop.  Instead, the spoon right at hand when I needed it.  Bliss.

Then reality set in.  Lids wouldn’t fit on, no place to store the things, forgot they were there until – gack! – the ring on the stove appeared, I’m a lefty and everyone else is a righty, so holiday multi-cookers would put them on wrong…who knew there was so much involved in a simple little clip?


So, there we are: stuff I want, stuff that didn’t work, and no idea why.  Such cool stuff out there, better watch yourself!  Anyone have a theory on why we want what we want?  What do YOU want?

Until next time,


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