I’m so glad you all got a kick out of yesterday’s post, where I talked about the wacky Mother’s Day gift suggestion Amazon sent me.  (Pole-dancing lessons would be considered a crazy Mother’s Day gift, right?  Based on some of your comments yesterday, I’m not so sure, LOL).

But we’re not done yet!  Today, Amazon emailed me more suggestions, sure to delight Mom on her special day.  I just had to share!



Sometimes these posts just write themselves.  I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

So, let’s see if I understand Amazon’s marketing message here: we can make Mom feel really special (read: sexy) by treating her to a boudoir photo session (if Mom is smart, she’ll never show these pics to her children…my eyes! Gaahh…).

But Mom has a practical side, so we know she also wants a clean home.  See how fiendishly clever Amazon is being?  To show Mom we really care, we have to buy both the boudoir session and the air duct cleaning.  That way, Mom can relax in her boudoir, the photographer snapping away, knowing her ducts are being cleaned at the same time.

And maybe later, she’ll go out for a pole-dancing lesson. 😉

Happy Mother’s Day to special moms everywhere!

Until next time,


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