Today’s Wise Word Wednesday arrives just before that all-important summer holiday weekend, a time of red-white-and-blue kid bicycle parades, incendiary devices, and drunken men, some of whom are now referred to as “Lefty.”  Of course, I’m talking about:


The Fourth of July



So in the spirit of celebrating “ennials,” I’ve culled through the blogosphere to find all sorts of milestones, and ways to celebrate them.  It’s a true “mashup” because they are put together in one place, without rhyme or reason, the weird and the wonderful!  Enjoy.

Independence Day Mashup of Awesome Milestones:

Talented paranormal author Jami Gold has an upcoming 1-year blog anniversary, and she wants to celebrate it in style.  So she’s running a cool contest for her blog visitors.  What can you win?  She’s offering…herself!  Click here to find out how she’s going to do that.

Are you starting a blog of your own?  That’s a milestone, too!  Jill Kemerer, a romance author and staunch supporter of writers, has advice on the visuals that will make your blog super-glossy and keep your visitors coming back for more.  Take a look at Magazine Layouts and Your Blog/Website for the down-to-earth details.

Celebrating a wedding anniversary?  Check out the every-funny Jess Witkins and her blog post Swamps are for Lovers over at Jess Witkins’ Happiness Project for all the perks of taking a swamp tour.  (Yes, there are perks!)

Super-funny Perry Block celebrates his memories of school-liberating summers in Welcome Summer! along with his musings of New Jersey beaches and jellyfish.

Romance novelist Tawna Fenske explores the connections between tossing bras at strange men, divorce, and memory (not necessarily in that order) in her post On Throwing My Bra and Changing My Life.

…and finally:

Facing the prospect of your daughter’s first date?  Now that’s a milestone.  So how do you keep the guy from getting fresh?  Just give your daughter her very own Gun-shaped Makeup Kit.  This little gem comes courtesy of Janet Rudolph, chocolate lover, mystery aficionado, blogger and extraordinary supporter of mystery writers.  If you love mysteries, check out her blog; she’ll give you the latest news about the titles you love!

Coming up on Friday:  Fashion Friday this week will talk about America’s seamstress, Betsy Ross.  Maybe we can find out what she wore to Independence Day celebrations.  Who knows?  Check back on Friday to find out!

Until next time,


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