Dangerous and Unseemly

Awarded Best in the Mystery category!

The first book of the series, where the adventure begins.

An unseemly lesson…in murder.

The year is 1896, and Professor Concordia Wells has her hands full: teaching classes, acting as live-in chaperone to a cottage of lively female students, and directing the student play, Macbeth.

But mystery and murder are not confined to the stage.  Malicious pranks, arson, money troubles, and the apparent suicide of a college official create turmoil at the women’s college.  For Concordia, it becomes personal when a family member dies of a mysterious illness, and her best friend is attacked and left for dead.

With her friend still in danger and her beloved school facing certain ruin, Concordia knows that she must act.  But uncovering secrets is a dangerous business, and there are some who do not appreciate the unseemly inquiries and bold actions of the young lady professor.  Can she discover the ones responsible…before she becomes the next target?

DANGEROUS AND UNSEEMLY is the first adventure in the CONCORDIA WELLS MYSTERIES, featuring 1890s professor-turned-amateur-sleuth Concordia Wells.

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