Unseemly Pursuits

Book 2 of the Concordia Wells Mysteries

A deadly secret that won’t stay buried…

It is the fall of 1896, and Miss Concordia Wells is hip-deep in the usual tumult of a lady professor’s life: classes, clubs, student pranks, and the unending drama generated by the girls she lives with on campus.  Complicating this normality is the new Lady Principal, whom the students have nicknamed “the Ogre.”  The woman seems bent on making Concordia’s life miserable.

And then there’s the exotic spirit medium, Madame Durand, who has befriended Concordia’s mother and has started a “Spirit Club” on campus.  Madame’s prognostications of doom are at first only mildly irritating – until events take a sobering turn.  An ancient Egyptian amulet donated to the college mysteriously disappears, the donor is found murdered, and his daughter – Concordia’s best friend – confesses to killing him.

Desperate for answers, Concordia unravels a 20-year-old secret, closely guarded by men now dead.  But such secrets can be dangerous for the daughters left behind, including Concordia herself.  Can she make sense of the mystery that has bound together their fates, before it’s too late?

UNSEEMLY PURSUITS is the second adventure in the CONCORDIA WELLS MYSTERIES, featuring 1890s professor-turned-amateur-sleuth Concordia Wells.

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5 thoughts on “Unseemly Pursuits”

  1. Stephen CraigStephen Craig

    My pursuit last night involved plans to sit at the computer and read my Kindle version of “Unseemly Pursuits” for an hour and go to bed. I stayed up for four and finished the book; I couldn’t stop ‘turning’ these pages. Who says guys can’t enjoy ‘the cozy thrill’?

  2. BrendaBrenda

    I am in love with these books. I ordered them because the protagonist teaches history. I saved them to take on a trip with my daughter-hard to do as I read daily. I started the first one night and read until finished to the wee hours of am in the lovely B and B where we were staying. I am a retired English teacher in high school taught at University as an adjunct. Have studied Shakespeare everywhere including England. favorite play to teach is Macbeth. Love these books. I keep checking amazon for the next one lol. I know it is soon. Keep writing as u r gifted!!!

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