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Announcing the release of Never Sleep, the debut novelette of the new series Chronicles of a Lady Detective. Penelope Hamilton, a recurring character in the Concordia Wells mysteries, recounts her first case as a Pinkerton in her own right. The tale is full of the mysterious occurrences and unladylike action scenes one would expect from a daring protagonist such as Miss Hamilton.

cover art by Melinda VanLone

cover art by Melinda VanLone

An old flame…an assassin’s bullet…the event of the season….

November 1885

Although Penelope Hamilton Wynch doesn’t especially miss her estranged husband, she does yearn for the excitement of the old days, when they worked together on assignments from the Pinkerton Agency. So it is no surprise that, despite their irreconcilable differences, she finds herself agreeing to help him on a case once again. He needs her to infiltrate the household of H.A. Comstock, a wealthy industrial magnate who has been the victim of factory sabotage and an assassination attempt, just as the family is about to sponsor a cotillion for their debutante daughter.

As Pen works the case while dodging her husband’s attempts at reconciliation, she encounters another old flame who is looking more and more like the prime suspect. Pen must resist her renewed feelings for the man, as she races against time to stop the saboteur and would-be assassin before he tries again.

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Unseemly Ambition (Book 3)

The Concordia Wells Mysteries are set in a fictitious women’s college in 1890s Hartford, Connecticut.  Here in book 3, the lady professor has found trouble once again.

UnseemlyAmbition small

A murder…a missing boy…a secret society’s bold and deadly plot…

It is 1898, and Professor Concordia Wells has come to expect the hectic routine of classes, clubs, teas, and the inevitable student pranks at the women’s college. If only she could avoid the cantankerous dean, Randolph Maynard, who has learned about her past experiences as a “lady sleuth.” To Concordia’s dismay, he scrutinizes her every move for evidence of unseemly conduct.

The dean will certainly scowl over the lady professor’s behavior when a disastrous turn of events affects those she loves. First, a mysterious woman claims that Concordia’s young friend, the eleven-year-old Eli, is her long-lost child. Soon after, they find the woman murdered and the boy gone.

Lieutenant Capshaw is given the case, only to be abruptly replaced by a junior associate. An innocuous reassignment, or something more?

Concordia calls upon a former ally, Penelope Hamilton, for help. As they search for the child and untangle the mystery of his mother’s death, Concordia realizes that not even her own colleagues are above suspicion. Not knowing whom at the school to trust as she attempts to side-step Dean Maynard’s continual scrutiny, she must tread carefully. Far more is at risk than the loved ones she seeks to protect, and there is no turning back.

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Dangerous and Unseemly: A Concordia Wells Mystery (Book 1)…now available as an audiobook!


Produced and Narrated by Becket Royce

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