You may have noticed that there’s a lot of blue in my website’s new look.  Out of the various options that website developer Laird Sapir and I considered, the blue wallpaper looked absolutely right to me.  At the time I didn’t think about why that might be; I just went with my instincts.

Then I ran across this article in The New York Times:  True Blue Stands Out in an Earthy Crowd –  It seems that, for humans, blue is the favored child of the color spectrum.

Photo by Look Into My Eyes, via Flickr, with permission.

Photo by Look Into My Eyes, via Flickr, with permission.

Here are some interesting tidbits from the article:

  • 50% of the population considers blue to be the most attractive eye color (even though only 1 in 6 people have blue eyes)
  • studies have shown that a blue computer screen heightens creativity
  • a Japanese study found that a blue partition reduced fatigue during lengthy videogame sessions (don’t tell my kids)
  • sick children show a preference for doctors/nurses wearing blue uniforms
  • blue suppresses appetite (in humans; apparently, mosquitoes are attracted to blue)

Check out the rest of the article to learn more, such as why the sky is blue, and how some vertebrates still manage to look blue even though, as one scientist put it: “vertebrate physiology never evolved the ability to make or use blue pigments.”  Cool stuff!

Photo by Kabir Bakie, via wikimedia commons (CC)

Ah, but you know I had to find out more about what’s up with blue.  So here are more fascinating facts for your enjoyment:

  • some Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cultures used a blue eye talisman to ward off the “evil eye” (blue-eyed people, ironically, can be considered the source of the “evil eye”)
  • blue color blindness is so rare that it affects only 5% of people who are color-blind, which in the U.S. is only 11% of the population to begin with.  Doing the math, that’s .0055%  So…it’s crazy rare. 
  • blue has a calming effect, and slows the heart rate
  • according to, teal blue was used by Tibetans in their prayer shawls: “They believed the color strengthened their concentration and spirituality.” (source)
  • In 1995, over 10 million people voted to add blue to the M&Ms mix.  I had to put chocolate in here somewhere, right? 😉 Source:

Photo by Evan-Amos, via wikimedia commons (CC)

And, lastly, here are some fun “blue” phrases we like to toss around:

  • blue funk
  • feeling blue
  • blue blood
  • true blue
  • once in a blue moon
  • blue plate special
  • out of the blue
  • blue collar worker

There are many more expressions out there, but why should I have all the fun?  What others can you think of?  And what’s your favorite color?  I’d love to hear from you.

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