Day 6: The Twelve Days of Concordia


Welcome to Day 6 of the quote-a-day countdown giveaway, to celebrate the November 1st release of Beloved and Unseemly. To learn more about the lady professor’s adventures in book #5, along with details of the contest and prizes, click here:

The Twelve Days of Concordia Giveaway!

Here is today’s quote…uh-oh, looks like Concordia’s getting an earful!


Well,  I suppose she’s heard that sort of thing on occasion….

Thanks so much for participating! By the way, if you’re looking for recipes to stay cozy in the chill weather or to celebrate Halloween, you’ll enjoy today’s post from Misterio Press! Included are two cocktail recipes of mine, one with alcohol and one without. Hope to see you there!

Stick-to-Your Ribs Weather


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2 thoughts on “Day 6: The Twelve Days of Concordia”

  1. Kassandra LambKassandra Lamb

    I don’t think Concordia’s life has ever been unexciting. 😉


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