ROW80 Check in: Round 1, Week 1


Woot!  It’s my first ROW80 check in ever!

It’s my first ROW80 FAIL ever! 🙁

The first day the kids were back to school last week, I woke up sick.  One of those upper-respiratory things, where you’re head is full of gunk, raging headache, the works.  Since then, it’s moved to my chest, which for an asthmatic like me is no fun.

Great way to start the New Year, huh?  I’m kind of hoping it’s like rain on your wedding day – a sign of good luck, haha.


Okay, let’s go over those epic goals again:

1. ROW80 check ins on Sundays


2. Continue blog posting on a M/W/F schedule.

Well, the kids were still home Monday, so I was in holiday mode (I know, pathetic excuse, but I worked on Wednesday’s post that day, so I wasn’t a total slacker); I posted original content on Wednesday, but for Friday, in between naps I managed to re-post an earlier one (it only had 3 hits and deserved better!).

3. Research and develop a new historical mystery from scratch in my WWBC group, a super awesome team of talented writers (and I have a lot to learn, believe me); also, provide feedback on fellow WWBCers projects.

I actually did this, but in my Mucinex/sudafed-induced delirium, I’m not sure how much help I was to Ellie Soderstrom.  Sorry, sweetie.  I also developed a log-line for the new novel that made the cut after only a few tweaks (hey, maybe this Mucinex D isn’t such bad stuff, after all).

4. Revise the plot of my original sequel and continue writing it, in light of what I’ve already learned in WWBC.


5. Continue to read books/blogs on the writing craft.

I’m currently re-reading Donald Maas’s Writing the Breakout Novel.  I think I need to be reminded about how to make things as awful as possible and build tension.  I tend to avoid tension in real life.

6. Continue to read fiction books in my genre.

I’m reading “V” is for Vengeance by Sue Grafton.  Love it!

7. Support fellow blogger/writers with visits/promotion of their sites.

Yep, I did a lot of that.  I hope my tweets/blog comments made sense!

8. Manage my time better, so blogging/housework/errands don’t spill over into my writing/research time:  I’m going to reserve Tues-Wed-Thurs from 10-2 (kids’ school hours) for fiction writing.  It will be a challenge to squeeze all my blog writing into Mon/Fri/weekend bits, though – I’m a bit slow when it comes to putting together a post.

It’s still a good idea, I just have to cut back on the naps.

9. Exercise:  Sundays 4.6 mi walks around Burke Lake with walking buddies; 2 other shorter walks per week (I’m thinking Tues/Thurs, but we’ll see).

Um. No.

10. Pay more attention to what I’m eating/drinking: more water, more fruits/vegs, fewer junk food choices, healthier substitutions (pita chips and hummus instead of potato chips, for example).

When I’m sick, I don’t care what I’m shoving in my pie-hole.  Eat, sleep, meds.  One morning, I woke up with a tissue clutched in each hand.

On a side note, I did feel well enough this weekend to get all the Christmas decorations packed away (that’s 11 bins, folks).

So there you have it, my first week.  Not what I had in mind, but next week should be better!

Looking forward to reading what the other ROWers have been up to!


Until next time,


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10 thoughts on “ROW80 Check in: Round 1, Week 1”

  1. Stacy GreenStacy Green

    So sorry you’ve been sick. I didn’t have a great start to the new year either, so I completely empathize. Hope you’re feeling better, and good luck for this week!

  2. Jenny HansenJenny Hansen

    Kathy, I think you’ve had a GREAT week, considering you’ve been sick. I can tell you there is NO WAY I’d be getting 11 bins of Christmas stuff put away. Geesh…go back to bed!!!

  3. Natalie HartfordNatalie Hartford

    Oh Kathy, so sorry you’ve been so desperately sick. NO fun and taking care of you and getting your rest is all that matters. ROW80 knows you have a life and knows that sometimes we all get sick in life. I lost nearly 2 weeks last round to illness so I feel you. I think, like Jenny, you had a GREAT week considering….wowzers! I can’t wait to see how you rock it out at full power. ZING!
    Now…get some rest and EASE gently back into life!!

  4. Karen McFarlandkKaren McFarlandk

    Yikes, Kathy, what a week!

    But I have to say, you have some sense of humor for someone whose been sick. You’re hilarious. Is this you or the cold meds. Cuz I like this Kathy! LOL

    I cannot believe you have the same problem I do with conflict. Shut the front door! I’ve never talked to someone else that does this. We’ve got to talk girl when you’re feeling better. Promise?

    And I’m also in WWBC.

    Okay, get well and let me know if there’s anything I can do. Listen, I wasn’t sick and I flubbed some of my goals so don’t feel bad. Well I mean really don’t feel bad, as in feel better. Oh, never mind.

    See ya! 🙂

  5. Marcia RichardsMarcia Richards

    Oh Kathy! What a tough week! Now that you’re feeling a bit better you can actually put coherent sentences together and get back to writing. Have a better week!

  6. Gene LemppGene Lempp

    ROW is not about perfection, it’s about progress. For being sick you made great progress and that is nothing to sneeze at *grin* Sorry couldn’t resist.

    I’ve read Writing the Breakout Novel by Maass, actually was the one that got me back into writing a bit over ten years ago. Excellent material, really reaches into the depth of character, stakes and conflict.

    Keep pressing forward, you’re doing great 🙂

  7. Julie GloverJulie Glover

    11 bins of Christmas stuff? I get it all in 2, with room to spare. (I’m not a big Christmas person, though.)

    I need to read Sue Grafton one of these days.

    I think your progress looked pretty darn good for someone who was laid out for a few days. Hope this week is even better for you!


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