Spring Fling Blog Hop!


Happy Spring! Today, fellow writers (links below) and I are participating in a blog hop to celebrate the vernal equinox. We’ll each be talking about spring-y things.

As an avid container gardener (my only option for gardening, as we live on property that’s mostly deck), spring for me starts in January, when the seed catalogs start rolling in. They are a welcome sight, I have to say, and help me dream of greenery in the midst of the gray-brown backyard. Usually I start seeds–cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, and vining flowers such as morning glory and cardinal climber–in mid-March:

Cukes, tomatoes, and peppers in this pic. Notice the capillary wicking mats, which is the best way to water seedlings.

Recently we had a week or so of 70-degree days that lulled me into a false sense of security, and I direct-planted sweet peas, scallions, and lettuce seeds outside. Um, well, that turned out to be ill-advised, as you can see by this pic of my lettuce pot (taken three days ago):


uh oh…I may have to replant….

But the false starts and hard work are worth it, in the end. Here’s a photo montage of how things look by mid summer:


So, what are your favorite things to do in the spring? I’d love to hear from you.

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15 thoughts on “Spring Fling Blog Hop!”

  1. Kirsten WeissKirsten Weiss

    Your poor lettuce! Still, you’re running circles around me in the gardening department. 😉

  2. Shannon EspositoShannon Esposito

    What is this you speak of? Capillary wicking matt? I’ll have to look that up, never heard of them & I need all the help I can get! Your garden rewards look amazing. Tomatoes without bug holes? Can’t even imagine lol Happy Spring!

  3. Allyson CharlesAllyson Charles

    Wow, is that a picture of corn growing on your patio? That takes container gardening to a new height. Everything looks beautiful. You’re lucky you have such a green thumb.

  4. Gilian BakerGilian Baker

    Love seeing your pictures, Kathy! I’m itching to start planting too, but am glad I held off because I would’ve been in the same boat. And I await my spring seed catalogs like a little kid waiting for Christmas! I pore over them, and it’s always so hard to decide which ones to try this year!

  5. Connie di MarcoConnie di Marco

    Your plants are gorgeous, Kathy! I’m so impressed by your expertise. I’m resolving to do more gardening myself!

  6. Margot KinbergMargot Kinberg

    I wish I were good at gardening – I really do, Kathy. But I must admit that’s not one of my gifts. You’ve got some lovely growing things, though! I admire your skill.

  7. Susan FanningSusan Fanning

    You have a beautiful garden, Kathy. I do container gardening as well, though I am limited because there’s more shade than sun at my house. There are small farms near me so I get the produce from them. I grow mostly herbs because they take good care of themselves. I love the series, by the way. When do you expect the next entry to be published?


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