Things to “Fall” for: Watercooler Wednesday



Welcome to Watercooler Wednesday, where the water is above-average, the topics are bubbly, and the company is sparkling.

Even though the “official” autumnal equinox isn’t until Friday, today’s topic is:


Things to Fall for

in other words, things we love or delight in, that make it all worthwhile

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To prepare, I took a page out of Leanne Shirtliffe‘s book o’ blog tactics:  poll the internet via Facebook.  After all, who am I to say what people would “fall for”?  Let’s get a cross-section of society here.

(“Yesterday.”  You can see that I planned ahead).

The responses fell along some distinct categories.  I would separate them into groups governed by  body, mind/emotions, and soul.

Except for the smarty-pants category:

I know such interesting people, don’t I?  But back to body, mind, and soul:

In the “body” group, for sheer hedonism/physical delight (depending upon one’s perspective), we have:

1.  Egyptian cotton

2.  “Good” cheese (hope she meant the non-stinky kind)

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3.  Wine

4.   A nice backrub

5.  Romance author Jill Kemerer contributed fluffy animals and Godiva chocolate (but the fur kinda gets sticky, Jill, don’t you think? LOL)

6.  Fiction writer/tv aficionado Tiffany A. White added the following (which prompted male grumbling):





Then we have the “mind/emotions” category:

1.  Casablanca


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2. giggling babies

3.  Dogs sticking their heads out of moving cars.












4.  And my personal fave (if I can be forgiven the juxtaposition with dogs in cars) the Sherlock Holmes collection of stories.

And finally, there’s “soul”:


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1.  a beautiful sunrise or sunset

2.  the beach

3.  autumn

4.  a teacher’s 27 kindergarten kids (27??! that’s an invasion, depending upon your point of view).


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Thanks to everyone who contributed their favorites!

So, what do you “fall” for?  What makes you feel good about the world again, at least for a little while?  Add yours to the list!


Until next time,


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6 thoughts on “Things to “Fall” for: Watercooler Wednesday”

  1. Kerry MeachamKerry Meacham

    My two dogs welcoming me home at night like it’s been a month since they’ve seen me.

  2. Margot KinbergMargot Kinberg

    Kathy – Your post is so affirming! There are just those things that restore us – that nurture us. I love the one about dogs sticking heads out of windows (that really is cool that they do that!) and babies giggling. Honestly, if we tuned in to those things more and other things less, we might have less conflict…

  3. Renee Schuls-JacobsonRenee Schuls-Jacobson

    I fall for summer. Which, alas, is leaving me… so I guess I will begin to fall on the ice and snow which should arrive any day.



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