Watercooler Wednesday: Belly Laughs, part 4



Welcome to Watercooler Wednesday, where the water is above-average, the topics are bubbly, and the company is sparkling.  Today’s topic:

Tech-y Belly Laughs

‘Cause it’s better to laugh than to worry about world domination through smartphones




1 Conan O’Brien’s take on the iPhone:


2. Speaking of phones, here’s an “out-of-this world” perspective:


image from geekhumor.tumblr.com



3. Cell phones meet Star Wars:

image from geekhumor.tumblr.com


4. For you math geeks out there (you know who you are):

5. And finally, this might be handy:


via hillsdalesites.org



What has made you smile this week?  I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Hump Day,




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11 thoughts on “Watercooler Wednesday: Belly Laughs, part 4”

  1. Gene LemppGene Lempp

    Awesome fun, Kathy. Especially love the droid one although the airbag computers would be perfect for where for a I work. Have a great day, thanks for the laughs 🙂

  2. Louise BehielLouise Behiel

    love this post. and I love my droid phone…thanks for the chuckles

  3. August McLaughlinAugust McLaughlin

    Ha! Great post, Kathy. I love #4, though I’m far too math declined to attain geek-dom (in that way ;)).

  4. Donna NewtonDonna Newton

    What has made me laugh this week? You, with this post. Love it.

  5. Kerry MeachamKerry Meacham

    Loved it, Kathy. Brightened my day. ~clink~

  6. Nancy LauzonNancy Lauzon

    Hi Kathy,

    Had a rough week, so thanks for the great post, it made me smile!


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