For Americans in particular, today is a somber day.  Every September 11th, since the horrible terrorist attacks on our homeland eleven years ago, we take the time to honor the victims and reflect upon how our lives were forever changed.

Many bloggers will have powerful, insightful things to say.

For me…well, I just don’t have the words.  My heart is too full, and the right words won’t come.  I’ll have to leave it in more capable hands.

Instead, I decided to share something inspiring, and show the good side of human nature.  It’s way off topic, I know, but if it makes you smile today, maybe you won’t mind too much.

There is an old saying that you can judge a civilization by how it treats those who are vulnerable.

Here’s a clip of some folks at a beach in Brazil, who jumped right in and rescued thirty dolphins when they inexplicably beached themselves.  No ropes, equipment, debates, or committees to study the problem.  Just regular guys, doing their best.

This cool video was sent to me by my dad. *waves hi*  My family and friends are always looking out for me, sending neat stuff to share with you.  Thanks, guys!

You’ll see that there was a little bit of a learning curve involved in the rescue; after all, we’re talking about slippery, 200 lb animals who are flailing around in distress.

I have to admit to wincing a bit when the people were hauling the dolphins around by their tails.  Click here for an article about why that’s a bad idea, including theories about what stranded them.  Fortunately, it doesn’t look as if the dolphins suffered any ill effects from being rescued by “amateurs,” without proper equipment.

Have you ever had an up-close interaction with a dolphin?  How about a time when you helped out someone – or something – that made you feel good about yourself?

Thanks so much for reading!

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