Welcome to Tuesday Terrific, where we celebrate getting over the Monday bump and picking up speed for the rest of the week.

Today, we have a lot to celebrate, since it’s Mardi Gras, aka “Fat Tuesday.”  For a lot of us, it’s a day to indulge in goodies before the Lenten go-withouts kick in; for others, it’s Donut Day (for more info, see my ROW80 post that mentions Fasnacht Day); and for a lucky few, it’s a chance to be at “Ground Zero” in New Orleans for the parades and festivities.

But how about a non-fattening, sit-in-front-of-your-computer, won’t-get-you-arrested/hungover survey of how to celebrate Mardi Gras?  Easy-peasy!



Here’s my Fat Tuesday-themed

Mashup of How to Celebrate Mardi Gras in front of Your Computer


1.  Have some laughs.

via mystery fanfare




image via Facebook


from icanhascheezburger.com

2. “Eat” something fun: Perry Block’s “Purim: you are who you eat”

via www.nouveauold.com


3.  Sin a little.  (Uh-oh, can’t stop?  Try this product, from Jenny Hansen’s post):  “Help Prevent Sinning with the ‘Sin Collar'”

video image via jennyhansenauthor.wordpress.com


4.  And, finally, be daring (vicariously):

So, how are you celebrating Mardi Gras today? I’d love to hear from you!

Until later,

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