Welcome to Mystery Monday!  As this is the last full week before Christmas, it seemed fitting to look at the holiday’s ultimate man of mystery, Santa Claus.  On Friday, we’ll look at a more historical aspect of Santa.  (Both are reposts, as I rush around with errands, like most folks do this time of year!)



Unlike mysteries in the fiction world, this one doesn’t involve crime.  Santa Claus is a figure of benevolence, albeit guilty of a little B&E (breaking and entering).  But since we put milk and cookies out for the guy (and maybe carrots for his reindeer), I’d say he could make a good case in court that he’d been invited.  When’s the last time you put out milk and cookies for a burglar?




Speaking of court, here’s one of my favorite Santas, from Miracle on 34th Street:




Quite a contrast to another favorite Santa, the Old Spice MANta Claus:


How sweet!  MANta Claus cares about all the little old ladies.  See, Santa isn’t just for children!


There are some cool advantages to being Santa, too.


1. Folks WANT you to eat cookies.  Lots of them.

2. You can eat all the cookies you want and still be skinny enough to fit inside the chimney.  Amazing.

3.  You’re supposed to have a big belly, like a bowl full of jelly.

4. With the help of some low-tech animals, you can fly.

5. Millions of kids send you requests for gifts, but you never get bombarded by mail.  “North Pole” is a deliberately vague address.

6. The papparazzi can’t follow you because they don’t really know where you live (see #5, above), and even if they did, it’s too cold for their cameras (and no wifi or cell phone towers, either).

7. Parents do all the shopping and wrapping, and you get all the credit.

8. So many folks impersonate you that no one would ever recognize you.

9. You get the rest of the year off.

10.  Red is definitely your color.


So what do you think of this “man of mystery”?  Anyone have childhood memories of Santa, or have children who get excited about him?  I’d love to hear from you.

art by Ellen M. Gregg

art by Ellen M. Gregg

For more holiday goodness, join Natalie Hartford today on our next Holiday Yum recipe stop, where she’s making cheesecake for us!  Super holiday-yumminess!

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