Hi, all, it’s time for the ROW80 check-in!  I’m really excited about this one, because I actually have progress to share.

So, let’s get to it:

My goals:

1. Check-ins on Sundays.

2. Blog posts on Tues/Fri schedule.

I posted on Tuesday about How to celebrate Mardi Gras in front of your computer, which was a lot of fun, and Friday I did a post about Conan Doyle’s The Hound of the Baskervilles, one of my favorite classic mysteries.

3. Work on sequel to first book.

Yay!  This is where I made the most progress this week; yep, I put the “word” in the ROW80 “W”!  One of my sessions last week I clocked 1600 words, which surprised me no end.  It was a dialogue scene where the policeman is grilling the family after a murder – I just went crazy with it, I guess.  These kinds of things really give a much-needed boost of enthusiasm, don’t you think?

4. Support fellow writers/bloggers.

I’ve been keeping up with everyone’s blogs just fine, and making a point of visiting new folks and those I haven’t seen in a while.  While I tweet their posts, though, I haven’t had time to chat much on twitter these days.  I’ve been doing Facebook more.  I think twitter moves a bit too fast for me, and tweets disappear fairly quickly.  I lose the thread of what folks are talking about.

5. Exercise.

The warm weather last Thursday and Friday, combined with the heap of seed packets I bought a while back, made me a gardening fiend.  I got some much-needed fresh air, sunshine and exercise cleaning out last season’s pots and clearing the backyard.  I planted lettuce outside and started several types of seed inside.  Right now there are dirt-filled containers huddled in front of all the sunny windows, even blocking off one end of the dining room table.  But my poor family is used to this.

Aside from those two gardening sessions, I got a walk in one day, and when it was too cold and windy outside (our weather is EXTREMELY changeable) yesterday, my 11-yr-old and I spent 40 minutes in front of Wii Sports.  Let us just say that my defeats were decisive, except for boxing, of all things (which annoyed him no end, hehe!).   But I was just flailing around rather than “boxing”- a good work out, though!

So how are my fellow ROWers doing?  Hope all of you have had a great week!

Until next time,




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