Hi, y’all ROW80-ers!  Still 2 hrs before the end of Sunday at this end of the American continent, so I still got my post in, right?
Many of you know that my youngest (11 yrs old) had surgery on Thursday at Children’s Hospital for a congenital abnormality in his kidney, which we had just learned about the hard way when he got really sick a few months ago.  So it’s been feeling a bit like I’m living in two different universes over the past few days.  So I’m sure this check-in will reflect that disconnect.  Bear with me, folks.



My goals:
1. Check-ins on Sundays

It’s Sunday?  Time seems suspended, where days of the week aren’t really named.  We’ve been counting it in bodily function milestones and nursing shift changes.  7am, or 7pm?  Look out the window.

2. Blog posts on Tues/Fri schedule.

Yep, I did it, and wrote my Friday post ahead of time, asked a few fab tweeps and WWBCers to check and see if it really came out on Friday and wasn’t gibberish, since I figured I wouldn’t have reliable internet at the hospital (I didn’t).  The one time I had internet and looked for tweets and didn’t see them, I was bummed, until I realized that it was still Thursday and not Friday yet!  It was a very long day, LOL.

3. Research/write new historical mystery for WWBC group.

Before the surgery I was a writing fiend, and got really far on my antagonist character profile.  I’d been hoping to finish before the day of the surgery, but it didn’t work out.  I brought my laptop to the surgery waiting room and got a surprising amount of writing done.  One little boy kept running over to me while I was typing away; probably making sure I was giving my antagonist sufficient motivation for his heinous deeds.  I could see it in his eyes.

4. Support fellow writers/bloggers.

Yes, between last Sunday and Wednesday; since then, not so much, although I’ve tried to catch up.  Yes, I heard the collapse of Twitter, Facebook and Google Reader all the way from Washington, DC.  Oh, the humanity!

5. Exercise.

Do you hear me laughing?  I’m laughing for my son, too, whose abdominal muscles can’t take the strain right now.  Hey, someone has to do it.
Next week has to be better; even if it isn’t, hey, at least I’m not playing the Patriots in the Super Bowl!

So how are my fellow ROWers doing!  Hope all of you have had a great week!

Until next time,



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