Beloved and Unseemly Release Day!


It’s release day for Beloved and Unseemly! The book has been available for pre-order for the last few weeks. For those who have already ordered it, thank you! The book should now be loaded onto your e-reader. I hope you enjoy Concordia’s latest adventure.

Haven’t ordered the book, but interested in learning more about book #5 of the Concordia Wells Mysteries? Here’s the teaser:


A stolen blueprint, a dead body, and wedding bells….
Change is in the air at Hartford Women’s College in the fall of 1898. Renowned inventor Peter Sanbourne—working on Project Blue Arrow for the Navy—heads the school’s new engineering program, and literature professor Concordia Wells prepares to leave to marry David Bradley.

The new routine soon goes awry when a bludgeoned body—clutching a torn scrap of the only blueprint for Blue Arrow—is discovered on the property Concordia and David were planning to call home.

To unravel the mystery that stands between them and their new life together, Concordia must navigate deadly pranks, dark secrets, and long-simmering grudges that threaten to tear apart her beloved school and leave behind an unseemly trail of bodies.

Available at your favorite online bookseller (buttons are clickable):

Quote-a-day Countdown Giveaway


I started “The Twelve Days of Concordia” on October 22nd as a countdown between the time that Beloved and Unseemly was available for pre-order and its release date of November 1st.

Details of the contest can be found here:

The Twelve Days of Concordia Giveaway!


You all have been so supportive – subscribing, tweeting, sharing on Facebook, and replying in the comments sections. I’ve been keeping a tally along the way for the random drawing, and of course my loyal subscribers were added automatically to the drawing, too!

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Thank you to everyone who participated. I wish I could give books to you all!




Without further ado, here are the winners, selected via

Terry Alford, Karen McFarland, Tresa Flynn, bendad2, ktnsteve, pragalba, dogmysteries, Celeste Schiller: your choice of any ebook or audiobook in the Concordia Wells series (including the new release!)

Patricia Rickrode, Jeanne Moattari: your choice of any ebooks/audiobooks

Mary Phillippou: your choice of any 2 ebooks/audiobooks, and a signed paperback copy of Beloved and Unseemly

Gail Malane: GRAND PRIZE! All 5 ebooks in the series and a signed paperback copy of Beloved and Unseemly 

Congrats to the winners! I’ll be sending each of you an email or Facebook private message (depending upon what info I have), asking for your preferred titles, file type, and (in two cases, for the paperbacks) your snail mail address.

A Special Request: Please Consider Posting a Book Review!

Reviews bring visibility on bookseller sites such as Amazon. Indie authors such as myself rely upon these online booksellers to promote our work when a prospective reader visits the site. From what I’ve learned, 50 is the magic number of reviews it takes for Amazon to start making our books more visible when customers browse.

Can you help? If you have purchased and read any of my books via Amazon (or anywhere else), you can post a review! And we’re not talking about anything lengthy or profound. Just your honest rating (number of stars), and a sentence or two. But it will make all the difference.

Happy November, everyone, and thanks so much for your support!

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  1. Margot KinbergMargot Kinberg

    Congratulations, Kathy!!!! I wish you much, much success!

  2. Gail MalaneGail Malane

    I’m speechless , but oh so happy !! I can’t wait to hold the signed paperback copy of Beloved and Unseemly in my hands…..

  3. Jenny HansenJenny Hansen

    So exciting to see you out with the magic 5th book! Everyone says that’s the point when traction starts to happen for a series. Go, Kathy!!!!!!!!!!!


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