Day 12: The Twelve Days of Concordia


Welcome to Day 12 of the quote-a-day countdown giveaway, to celebrate the November 1st release of Beloved and Unseemly! To learn more about the lady professor’s adventures in book #5, along with details of the contest and prizes, click here:

The Twelve Days of Concordia Giveaway!

It’s the final day, you guys! Are you excited? Tomorrow I announce the 12 winners of the giveaway, and those of you who have already pre-ordered Beloved and Unseemly will find it -poof!- on your tablets, ready to read. I suspect that Concordia would have been a big fan of our e-reader technology. *wink*

Okay, on to the final quote!


Forward we go!

If you are celebrating Halloween today in your corner of the world, I hope you have a spooky-fun time!

See you tomorrow,




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2 thoughts on “Day 12: The Twelve Days of Concordia”

  1. Kassandra LambKassandra Lamb

    Can’t wait!!

  2. PatriciaPatricia

    It’s hard to believe Concordia said too much. I hope it’s not to her detriment.

    Good luck on the launch and sales.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


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