Flashback Friday: a sampling of burglaries gone wrong


Welcome to flashback Friday.  Today is a quick snippet of three articles from The New York Times, recounting burglaries gone wrong, often to comedic effect.  The entries span the years 1886-1899, and in two of the accounts, a plucky woman comes to the rescue.  Enjoy!

Article #1:  A Burglar Caught Napping


“Modesty,” huh?

The next two articles have heroines to save the day:

Can you imagine just going to bed for the night after something like that?  All so her sick friend won’t get a shock.  That’s devotion.

This last account is a bit long, but really funny:


Go, Mrs. White!  Aren’t these fun?  Do you have any favorite “stupid criminals” stories, past or present?  I’d love to hear from you!

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6 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: a sampling of burglaries gone wrong”

  1. Renee Schuls-JacobsonRenee Schuls-Jacobson

    Okay, check this out: Talk about criminals is stupid.

    Someone stole a really nice car and drove the vehicle into a neighbor’s driveway in the middle of the night. After stripping it of valuables, the thief just ditched it there.

    In the morning, the homeowners awoke to find they could not go to church because there was a strange car blocking their garage. Bewildered, they called the police. The homeowners also noticed a wallet in the car, so they called that person, too.

    Turns out, the thief left his wallet in the stolen vehicle — and he tried to get it back to the scene of the crime before the cops did.

    Um, that didn’t work. 😉

  2. Stacy GreenStacy Green

    Girl power! I love reading the old newspapers to see how much writing/reporting has changed over time. But stupidity hasn’t evolved, lol.

  3. Tiffany A WhiteTiffany A White

    A love these! So many criminals are idiots. I hope you do more of these posts!


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