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Happy Thursday, everyone! We’re almost at the end of the week…whew. I don’t know about you all, but the weather around here sure has been showing us who’s boss. We’ll be turning our clocks ahead this weekend with snow still on the ground. Madness.

But it’s good reading weather! If you’re anything like me, that means…mysteries. Come join me today at Misterio Press, where I’m talking about the formation of the first official police force in England, via the 1829 Metropolitan Police Act. It was quite controversial at the time, but aren’t we glad they did it?

Manchester Police, 1880s. Wikimedia Commons.
Manchester Police, 1880s. Wikimedia Commons.

Click here to read more about it. Remember, commenters at the host sites are automatically entered in a random drawing for a free ebook, as well as for the grand prize, pictured below:

the grand prize!

Thanks, and stay warm…spring’s coming soon. At least, that’s the way it’s supposed to work. 😉


P.S. – Next week I’ll be announcing the ebook winners so far. Stay tuned!

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