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Ah, summer…those poolside/beach-y days in our lounge chairs, soaking up the rays…those quiet nights, listening to the crickets, looking at the stars, or watching the fireflies (as a kid, I imagined that if I listened closely enough, I could hear the fireflies switching their little lights on and off, on and off…).

The perfect companion?  A stack of fun summer reads.  And with today’s e-readers, that stack can be as slim as your checkbook.

In honor of the summer read, Young Adult Fantasy author Myndi Shafer has organized more than 50 of us authors (kind of like herding cats) for a special promotion.  From now until Friday, June 28th, our books are discounted to 99 cents in the Amazon Kindle store!  This means that you can seriously stock up on fun summer novels across a range of genres: mystery, romance, paranormal, young adult, thriller, and more!

I hope you have a chance to check it out, by either clicking on the banner above, or here: Summer Book Crush Sale.

The byline?  “50+ chances to land a new book boyfriend.”  At the site, you’ll find blurbs about the boyfriends in the books: bad-boys, boys-next-door, tall-dark-mysterious-boys, and many more.

My cozy 19th century mystery, Dangerous and Unseemly: A Concordia Wells Mystery, has two such gentlemen vying for Professor Concordia Wells’ attentions.  There’s Julian Reynolds, the handsome, wealthy older man, with sandy hair and deep blue eyes.  He’s tall, lean, and elegant; his custom-tailored suits fit him to perfection.  Julian moves with a languid sort of grace, and the way he looks at Concordia takes her breath away.  He leaves her roses and little notes, and is chivalrous and protective.  Will he steal her heart as they waltz along the ballroom floor?

Or will it be David Bradley, the chemistry professor at Concordia’s college, a man the same age as she, with a trim compact build, often hidden by a mismatched hounds-tooth jacket and trousers?  He’s irresistible in his own way,with his dark eyes, dark wavy hair that curls at the base of his neck in just such a way that she wants to reach out and smooth it (but being a proper lady, she will not), and a charming dimple that appears when he laughs, which is often.  How easy it is to spend time with such a man, whose easy-going sense of humor and down-to-earth practicality make one feel so comfortable.

And yet…Concordia soon learns that each man has secrets of his own to keep, secrets which could break her heart or, worse, put her in danger…

I’m so excited about this promotion that I took it a step further: I’ve discounted my ebook across all the ereader devices, not just the Kindle.  That includes Kobo, Nook, and Smashwords!  No matter what ereader you have, it’s just 99 cents, and the price is good through Friday.

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Thanks, everyone, for your support!  If you can, please spread the word about our promotion.  I’d really appreciate it!

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  1. PatriciaPatricia

    Great promotion and fantastic way to highlight your book alongside other great writers. I’ve checked out the site a couple of times already. I always find something else I want.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  2. Sharla RaeSharla Rae

    Great idea! I tweeted it. 🙂


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