Time to talk about toilets…at Jenny Hansen’s place!


JHansenHappy pi day!

Jenny Hansen is today’s hostess with the Cowbell most-ess!  When coming up with a topic idea for my guest post over at her place, she and I decided that it really wasn’t a book tour until we talked about toilets.

I am happy to oblige.  ‘Cause everyone wants to know what 19th century folks used for a bathroom, right?  Or is that just me? 😉  Anyway, here’s the link: When you gotta go…in the 19th century.

By the way, Jenny has the trivia question which will give you the last letter to the WEAPON!  (Julie, Renee, and Nancy had the other four letter clues).  For more info about the Whodunnit contest giveaway, click here.

See you there!


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