Too Good to Eat?


Welcome to Friday!  Today, we’re doing a pictorial tour of foods that are so beautifully crafted that they look “too good to eat.”

The inspiration came from Janet Rudolph’s blog, “Dying for Chocolate” – specifically, her recent post on the Cocoagraph Company:

Dying for Chocolate: Cocoagraph: Edible Chocolate Bars from Your Photos.

Really?  Chocolate that looks like old-style Polaroid photographs?  Beautiful and edible?  I had to take a look.

from Cocoagraph’s website


from Cocoagraph’s website

Amazing, isn’t it?  Puts those custom-printed M&Ms to shame.

So I wondered about other foods that look “too good to eat.”  I was already familiar with things like watermelon-whale fruit bowls…


… oh, and those lunchbox ideas for kids.  You know, the super-fussy kind, where you feel like a neglectful mother for not cutting the PBJ into star shapes, or making octopi out of hot dogs.  I’ve actually tried to do that, but my attempts had mixed results: I used a pumpkin-shaped cookie cutter for the PBJ that wasted a lot of bread, so I had to make two sandwiches; the hot dogs turned out to be squids, because I could only get six legs out of the suckers.  No way could I do this on a regular basis, people.

Some more successful moms, making lunch:

image via

Wowzers.  Here’s another:

from Facebook

 Even if I could successfully make a food “mural” for my kids that looked decent going into the bag, it wouldn’t stay that way for long.  By lunchtime, it would look more like cubist art:

image via wikimedia,org (cc)

But it’s all good fun, right?  Here are more fascinating edible art pieces:

from Pinterest
images via

Aren’t they amazing?  I’m in awe of the creative talent that went into these.

But I wonder: at what point does the art take over and the appetizing element of the food itself start to decline?  Would you really want to bite into a chocolate bar that has a baby picture of your child on it?  And who wants to be the first to cut into that gorgeous Lego cake?  (Not me.  I was the kid who reluctantly bit the ears off the chocolate bunny at Easter, LOL).  So what do you think?  I’d love your opinion.

Have you had any encounters with edible art?  Have you tried your hand at it?  Drop a line in the comments section and tell us about it!

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15 thoughts on “Too Good to Eat?”

  1. Marcy KennedyMarcy Kennedy

    I have a friend who’s an extremely talented cake designer, so she’s the kind of person who creates beautiful, edible works of art. I’d be like you and have trouble cutting into them, but she has no trouble at all eating her artwork. She has so much fun creating the cakes and cupcakes and fondant pieces that she’s happy to do it all over again.

  2. shannon espositoshannon esposito

    Wow, those chocolate polaroid bars are rockin’! People seriously amaze me with their creativity. I’m a failed food artist. I bought my twins the bento box lunch boxes and had all these cool things bookmarked that I wanted to make for them. I didn’t take into account that I would be making this stuff at six in the morning. Or that I had twins. Or that they wouldn’t actually want to eat it. Now they take normal sandwiches and unaltered fruit and veggies in their fancy lunch boxes. Sigh…

  3. nancyelizabethlauzonnancyelizabethlauzon

    Wow, these are amazing. Why didn’t my mother make my lunch look like that? All we got were ‘mock’ chicken sandwiches LOL!

  4. Julie GloverJulie Glover

    I think you’ve inspired by Lego-obsessed son! LOL. My masterpieces are always a little more crooked and smeared, but they taste good.

  5. Renee Schuls-JacobsonRenee Schuls-Jacobson

    My son would have been all over that LEGO cake. Like you, I often stand back and admire. Maybe it’s because we can appreciate the work that went into those creations. 🙂

    I suppose people devouring them and oohing & ahhhing after all that hard word, would be akin to a writer receiving good reviews, after all those lonely, late nights.

    Cake makers and food artists have better hours and better pay! 😉

  6. ZackZack

    It’s like a nice sushi presentation – some of them are so amazingly intricate and complex. But then I realize that I can’t really just sit there and look at the sushi while I drink Sake, so down the hatch it goes.

    I don’t have much of an artistic hand with stuff like this, Kathy, so leave it to the pros.

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