Watercooler Wednesday: Procrastination Methods


Yay!  It’s Watercooler Wednesday, where the posts are loosely based around a theme, something to spark the imagination and get that community “water-cooler” feeling going.  We all need help getting over hump-day, after all.

Today’s theme comes from Random Topic Generator:


Procrastination Methods


well...maybe later



To give everyone fair warning, if you have a procrastination problem, this post won’t be talking about how to stop procrastinating.  (You’re reading this blog, so that’s one of them right there, LOL).  Instead, we’ll be reveling in our procrastination creativity.  In fact, you may pick up a few pointers to hone that skill of putting things off until later.

After diligent research (via the tried-and-true approaches of:  asking people, trolling the internet, watching my children, and maybe examining my conscience), here are the top ten procrastination methods:

10.  Painting the closet (it really needed it, honest!)  



9.  Cleaning (anything: laundry/pairing socks counts, too)  

8.  Sleeping

7.  Eating  

6.  Computer/videogames (personally, I’ve progressed along with the technology: “Centipede” has morphed into “FreeCell” and “Circle the Cat”)




5.  Surfing youtube.com for giggling babies, flashmob performances, or ferret antics

4.  Facebook/Twitter

3.  Baking/working on the car.  Those chocolate chip cookies won’t bake themselves, and we can’t have dirty tire rims

2.  Re-organizing the junk drawer

…and the number one procrastination method is:

Making “To Do” Lists

(…because, hey, I’m getting organized to take care of this stuff, right?)





What are your favorite tactics for putting off a task you don’t feel like doing but know you have to do?  I know I’ve left out a lot of good ideas.  I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Until next time,



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13 thoughts on “Watercooler Wednesday: Procrastination Methods”

  1. Loree HuebnerLoree Huebner

    I’m doing it now…reading everyone’s blogs instead of writing my own.

    Have a great Wednesday! It is Wednesday right? lol

  2. Tiffany A WhiteTiffany A White

    Maybe it’s procrastination, but I read my blogs (like this one) as a form of research. It’s a part of my job as a writer. Read/Research/Support 🙂

    Proctrastination while on Twitter & Facebook? Nooooo.

    Okay, maybe I’m in denial?

  3. Margot KinbergMargot Kinberg

    Kathy – Thank you! I needed to find things to do other than writing ;-). And hey, ferrets are great animals that deserve our attention. They are! Really! 😉

  4. Clay MorganClay Morgan

    Rosie the Riveter! Nice. I just used that in last night’s powerpoint. I found some cool pics of the real Rosies also. Hope you get something done! 😉

  5. Marilag LubagMarilag Lubag

    When I’m in my super procrastination mode…I just read a page of a book of my TBR while lounging around. If I had dirty dishes, I wash 3 pieces of them and then get back to playing games (then, I pause when I hit the next level and do just teeny bits). Laundry–fold 3 pieces of clothing as I pass by the laundry room. Somehow, it does get done. 🙂

  6. Amy Shojai, CABCAmy Shojai, CABC

    OMG, the “to-do” list….so I’m not unique after all? bummer. Need to add “become unique” to the to-do list. *eg*

  7. Sheila SeabrookSheila Seabrook

    I’ve tried them all, except working on the car. My favorite method of procrastination is designing websites and playing with photoshop.

  8. Gene LemppGene Lempp

    Umm, I only procrastinate by doing useful things. Really, they are all useful. Oh look, a squirrel.

    No that wasn’t procrastinating the squirrel made me do it!!!

    Great post, Kathy 🙂

  9. Nancy LauzonNancy Lauzon

    Hey Kathy,

    I LOVE to do lists. I thought I was being organized, not procrastinating, LOL. My other favorite methods are cleaning, playing Spider Solitaire, blogging, tweeting, but definitely not painting. I hate painting.

    Chick Dick Mysteries
    http://chickdickmysteries. com

  10. Renee Schuls-JacobsonRenee Schuls-Jacobson

    Hi K.B.:

    I need to procrastinate more. I feel like I am always moving. Seriously. Right now, I am folding laundry with my feet as I tap out this note to you. (It’s a talent, I know.) Later, I will shave my legs while brushing my teeth.

    Yes, I am the queen of multi-tasking. But I do make lists where I try to combine things that I could do at the same time. Like “Call mom while on-line at the DMV.”

    And as far as reading people’s blogs, I consider that “research.” I’m learning how to become a better writer, right? And I am a writing teacher, right? And I use blogs in my class, right? So naturally I need to find the best ones, right? 😉

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