Grateful for the letter “R” – and Myndi Shafer


I have a task: to talk about ten things I love that begin with the letter “R.”

How did this happen?  It was passed down to me by YA author Myndi Shafer, who took on the letter “B” last week, so check out her site when you have the chance.

Okay, here we go…

Top ten fave things that begin with “R”:

The first of my favorites makes obvious my love of language:  the prefix “re” – meaning “again.”

Think about all of the second chances made possible by that tiny prefix!  There’s:







 and, depending upon the show, reruns.

Of course, I’m ignoring the icky “re” words, like “regurgitate.”  We won’t go there. 😉

Close behind, if not dead even, is #2, which I’m sure most of you can identify with:  reading.  

“La Liseuse” by Auguste Renoir, via

Here are numbers 3-10, in no particular order:

image via

3. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups




4. Ruby-throated hummingbirds

photo by K.B. Owen

5. Roaring fire in the fireplace

image via



6. Rocking chairs (relaxing and exercising?  I’m there!)

7. Really good mysteries (no surprise, right?)

clipart via Windows7 stock

8. Riddles

9. Rippling water


image via

10. Rib-tickling belly laughs

Speaking of belly laughs, here’s one in honor of funny-lady Phyllis Diller, who passed away yesterday at the age of 95.  I loved her laugh!

What are your faves?  Do you have any additional “R”s or “re” words you’d like to contribute?  I’d love to hear from you!

Until next time,


P.S. – if any bloggers out there would like to participate, let me know in the comments, and I’ll assign you a letter.  😀

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41 thoughts on “Grateful for the letter “R” – and Myndi Shafer”

  1. Ginger CalemGinger Calem

    How fun! Isn’t Myndi the BOMB-Diggety!! 🙂

    Ok, I’ll play now that I’m back in town. It’ll be the perfect thing to get my blog rolling again.

    Ready for my assignment.

  2. Loree HuebnerLoree Huebner

    Fun post!

    I’m a huge fan of Ruby-throated humming birds too! And just plain rubies.

    Phyliss Diller’s laugh was awesome! I just heard on the news that she died with a smile on her face. The thought left me with a happy sigh…

  3. Myndi ShaferMyndi Shafer

    Love your list! Well done, and thanks for the link! Off to plant my butt in a rocking chair and call it exercise. 🙂

  4. Ronda Del BoccioRonda Del Boccio

    What fun! I also love resilience, because it has served me well all my life.Rebounding as well. Bouncing and it’s exercise!

    Just the thing to get the creative juices flowing! I accept the challenge.

    Follow your bliss,
    Ronda Del Boccio

  5. Piper BayardPiper Bayard

    Love it! Thank you for staying away from “regurgitate.” I’m totally with you on the reading, rocking chairs, and the rippling water, particularly if I can get them all into the same setting.

    I’d love a letter, thanks. 🙂

  6. nancyelizabethlauzonnancyelizabethlauzon

    Hey Kathy! I think you’ve pretty much covered all the ‘R’s I love, especially Reeses, hummers & rockingchairs! The only one I might add is ‘R & R’, i.e. rest & relaxation … not always easy to incorporate into a day. So sad about Phyllis Diller, she was one in a million. Thanks for a great post!

  7. Kassandra LambKassandra Lamb

    Me, me! I want a letter! Guess we can’t request one, hunh? I was hoping for M or S so I could put Myndi Shafer on my list!! But I’ll take whatever you’ve got for me, Kathy.

    Loved your R list, especially #1. Never thought about how ‘re-‘ gives out second chances so freely.

  8. Rachel Funk HellerRachel Funk Heller

    um like, “hello??” you didn’t list “friends whose name begins with the letter R” now did you???? Frankly, I’m shattered, I tell you, just shattered. But I will give you props for using “regurgitate” such a fab word. Great job Kathy.

  9. PatriciaPatricia

    Myndi assigned me the letter “D” as well so I’ll be posting my list next month since I only blog once a month at the present time. But I’ll link back to you too. Sort of like killing two birds with one stone.

    Phyllis Diller was a gem. Her outfits and wacky hair were a comedy unto themselves. May she rest in peace.

    My favorite things that start with “R” would be: rubies, Ruffles (potato chips) and roller coasters.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  10. Renee Schuls-JacobsonRenee Schuls-Jacobson

    What? Phyllis Diller died? Omigosh! I thought she died years ago. You know, when Helen Rivers did. #Bazinga

    Great post. I soooo needed the giggle.

  11. Louise BehielLouise Behiel

    Great list, I love Phyllis’ laugh. what a hoot.

  12. Marcia RichardsMarcia Richards

    Great “R’s” ! The re words are my favorite–I love second chances!
    Fun video of Phyillis Diller. She’ll be missed. I watched her all the time growing up.
    I’d love a letter, too! This is a fun game, Kathy!

  13. Karen McFarlandKaren McFarland

    Right on Kathy!!

    Really enjoyed your post!

    Rest assure, your “Rs” really rock! 🙂

  14. BillBill

    Great blog.
    I notice you didn’t have Ryan.
    Must have slipped your mind.

  15. Natalie HartfordNatalie Hartford

    Fantastic list Kathy. I mean, what’s not to love about ruby red hummingbirds and Reese Peanut Butter cups…and everything else of course. YUM!

    I would LOVE to play along – fire me off a letter…squeeee!!!

  16. Julie GloverJulie Glover

    Of course, Reading would be on my list too! How about Relaxation, Rest, Rivers, Restaurants, Roller Coasters, and Rattlesnake Meat? Okay, maybe you don’t like that last one, but rattlesnake sausage is good.

  17. Reetta RaitanenReetta Raitanen

    Wonderful words, Kathy. You were lucky to get the reading letter. But where were raccoons? 😀 I’ll add rogues and rebels (my favourite heroes, like Han Solo *sighs dreamily*), rapiers, rapport, realms (fantastic ones), rears and recipes.

  18. Bill ( The Quiltman)Bill ( The Quiltman)

    Granny Square?!
    Man, that is loaded with meaning.

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